Exceptional Performance
Unparalleled Balance

ATALANTE 4 inherits the legacy of ATALANTE premium audio speaker predecessors, while pushing boundaries with new innovations. Beautifully designed, this floor standing speaker combines timeless design details with a modern aesthetic, making it a stylish sound addition to rooms of any size.

Overwhelming Performance,
Every Detail

ATALANTE 5, the 3-way model, equipped with Revival Audio RASC 28mm tweeter, 75mm midrange dome, and a first in Hi-End 12-inch BSC woofer. Overwhelming details!

Redefine the Level of Bookshelves

Meet ATALANTE 3, our very first debut model with many unique technologies, and the sound beyond your imagination for a pair of bookshelf speakers.

Punches Above Its Weight!!

SPRINT 4, the 2.5 way floorstander, proudly inherits the technology that powers our ATALANTE line, with a twist that makes it uniquely SPRINT. It is setting an unprecedented new standard in its category, in more ways than one. From design to performance, there’s nothing else like SPRINT out there.

Punches Above Its Weight!!

SPRINT 3, the 2-way standmounter, proudly inherits the technology that powers our ATALANTE line, with a twist that makes it uniquely SPRINT. The ELYTRON front baffle, a 100% Revival Audio original creation, optimising the directivity performance.


The Debut of a New Legacy

“When I was 14 years old, I built my first amplifiers and years later my first DIY speakers, my dream was always to build the best speakers in the world”

Daniel Emonts, the Master Engineer in Hi-End Audio for more than 30 years, is a True Magician of Sound, behind numerous legendary models from some top-tier Danish and French Hi-Fi brands.

From 2022, with the birth of Revival Audio, his dream becomes a reality together with his partner and good friend Jacky Lee, the former CCO of a top-tier Danish Hi-Fi brand.

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Co-founders of Revival Audio



At Revival Audio, we promise you the Next Level listening experiences.

The confidence comes from our second-to-none technologies.  We design and engineer every single detail in France.  This is the only way to be unique and meet our extraordinary standards.


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