Perfect Balance

We love the characteristics of soft-dome midrange drivers, it is smooth, and accurate without listening fatigue.

The 75mm soft-dome midrange driver from Daniel’s hand definitely achieves the next-level performance never seen in its range. In fact, it could be one of the best MIDRANGE in Hi-End among all ranges.


Perfect Imperfection

The inversed suspension provides a more linear resonance-free guiding of the dome.

The more higher frequencies are reproduced the less the dome itself emits sound.

The custom shape of the suspension helps to have a better dispersion, as waves travel freely to the side

Studio Fotosession 573 web scaled


Key control

After hundreds of hours of experiment, our very own coating recipe brings perfect break-up control and the most accurate, smooth sound reproduction

MD Coating TP

ARID+ Patented Technology

Next-Level Innovation

Our 75mm midrange works like a piston between 400Hz and 5kHz, so they are no breakup modes.

ARID+ is a special-shaped dome, where the surface has been designed with the simulation software Comsol, to avoid any resonances and to guide the waves behind the ARID to be then absorbed in the large back cavity.

Due to the lack of damping material behind the dome, high frequencies are extended and resulting in what we aim for “tonal balance”. 

ARID transparent


Φ140mm, Extra Large!

The large ferrite offers a high magnet force, similar to smaller neodymium magnets, but for significant lower price (which helps us achieve to set a more attractive retail price).  It is as well more eco-friendly using ferrite magnets.

A comfortable efficiency of 91dB is reached with this system. Also, the large mass of ferrite and the metal part absorb more heat from the voice coil and helps for better cooling.

D280 Magnet TP