From Alsace, France

It is our debut, from almost four decades of “savoir-faire” behind many well-known flagship models among top tier brands.

The company saw the day by the end of 2021, driven by the passion and expertise of Daniel Emonts, Master Engineer in the industry for more than 30 years, and

Jacky Lee, a Swiss-based Taiwanese, multi-talented Strategist Executive, who built many successes with the top-tier Danish Hi-Fi brand, IBM and L’Oréal.

Listen to the Next Level

Daniel Emonts, The Magician

30+ Years of Expertise,
Behind Many Legends

Daniel is the man behind numerous most legendary models and edging technologies in a top-tier Danish Hi-Fi brand (from mid-level to flagship models, and special anniversary models), and the best-known French Hi-Fi brand (Flagship models)

Daniel built his first speaker already at the age of 14, and dedicated himself in acoustics field for almost 4 decades.
His passion and expertise are second to none, and now his journey carries on with Revival Audio, to embody his ideas of the best speakers in the world.

Daniel designs all Revival Audio products & technologies in our lab in France.

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Our Aim, Our Promise

The goal of the company is simple: To perfect true listening experiences through products of decades-accumulated craftsmanship, and value the listeners.

We offer only tier-1 technologies and products, simply because that’s the standard where we came from. Learn more about our next-level technologies on our dedicated TECHNOLOGY page.

With Revival Audio, you will see that the brand did not want any “Gaudi” design that would inflate the cost of the product. Sound is our first priority, to be experienced without fatigue.

We inherit the legacy, renovate the legacy, and together with all our listeners, build our Own Legacy.

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 Unique, Extraordinary in Every Detail

The technologies used in the making of these speakers are designed in-house.
We DO NOT buy off the shelves!

We define and design every detail of our products to stand out in sound.
Innovation and listening pleasure have always driven Daniel in his search for the best sound restitution.

We believe: Sound is an Art, on top of its science nature.
A Revival Audio product = An Art Piece of Sound.

The collaboration with the A+A COOREN DESIGN STUDIO
(Le French Design 100 Award French designers based in Paris) made this belief become a reality.

“As in Hi-Fi, a good product results in its consistency with its overall context; design, manufacture and use. This work can only be done in a team where independent and talented elements evolve in reciprocal awareness and in synergy. This is why we do this job, and we are very happy to collaborate with the Revival team because we have found this evidence. Our attention to design detail, which highlights their excellent know-how, reveals the intensity of the listening moment and the pleasure. Sound, like air and water, is an element that we have always liked to work with, because it is in perpetual motion and omnipresent around us”.

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Credit photo: Thibaut Chapotot
Visit A+A Cooren Website: https://www.aplusacooren.com/


A Customer-Centric Community with Exclusive Benefits

Since the very beginning, we aim to be the Trustworthy Accompany in your journey of listening.

We dare to break the rules, by offering a new breakthrough consumer journey unseen before within the « Real Hi-End » industry, with REAL BENEFITS back to the customers.

All our Next-Level Sound products already make your investment much worth it with more industry-leading offers: 10-year warranty, best in Hi-End community, and so on, revealing our ambitions to put “customers’ benefit” at the centre of our mind.

Join our Community and enjoy much more.

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