Designed and Engineered 100% in France

The technologies used in the making of Revival Audio speakers are all designed in-house. 

We DO NOT buy off the shelves!
Every detail of the speaker is designed and engineered at our laboratory in France by Daniel Emonts and some of the most talented engineers. 

Innovation and listening pleasure have always driven Daniel in his search for the best sound restitution.

All these efforts gave birth to our unique technologies and Revival Audio speakers.

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Detailed Restitution,
Beyond Expectations

Through almost four decades of experiences behind some of the world most reknown tweeters, Daniel Emonts pushes the standards to an extraordinary level and proudly presents our 28mm (1 1/8”) soft-dome RASC tweeter with various unique technologies inside.


Tonal Balance

We love the characteristics of soft-dome midrange drivers.

It is smooth, accurate, without listening fatigue.

The 75mm soft-dome midrange driver from Daniel’s hand definitely achieves the next-level performance, never seen in this range. 

In fact, it could be one of the best MIDRANGE in Hi-End!


From Outstanding to Extraordinary

The patented ARID (Anti Resonance Inner Dome) technology is the critical component elevating the performance of our tweeters and midrange drivers from outstanding to extraordinary.  

The space behind the domes is large and causes standing waves which can alter the dome’s behaviour.  The ARID is mounted in that space close to the acoustic dome so no standing wave can occur.  The design of ARID makes the waves guided into the yoke to the back chamber, where it is properly absorbed.

ARID technology provides extended frequency response benefied from no-absorbing damping in the space behind the dome.


First-Ever In Hi-End

BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) woofer is definitely a Revival Audio unique and iconic (visually too) technology.

Basalt is extracted from lava stone which has never been used in Hi-End audio, with similar characteristics as glass fibre but with a better Young modulus.
It is also an eco-sustainable material.

The Sandwich construction consists of a specific felt applied the back of the membrane and a specialized damping glue which results in the best possible damping.

With BSC woofer, its light weight and rigidity, with great damping, provides fast and smooth response with tight bass dynamics.

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Built to Last

At Revival Audio we tune the crossover by hand, by placing real components on one tuning board, and measuring the results. When done, we listen (a lot) and fine-tune, after that we check again with measurements that we went into the right direction.

Sometimes, a change of value is very little visible on the measured curve, but can make all the difference in sound.

Our philosophy of crossover design is, that…we don’t have a philosophy.

We use as few components as possible, but all that are needed.

We chose Van Den Hul’s Skyline Hybrid “Halogen Free” cables for our crossovers in ATALANTE models.
Each lead combines 19 high purity Oxygen Free Copper strands with a coating containing Linear Structured Carbon.

That’s the reason why we can stand out, that’s all about experiences and expertise.