Warranty Terms

Warranty Information


Revival Audio manufactures premium-level loudspeakers for the next-level quality of music reproduction. The materials used, the manufacturing process and the final assembly are focused on achieving the highest level of quality without any compromises. Warranty support, spare parts availability and after-sell services are of equal importance to Revival Audio as the product quality itself.

Standard Warranty

In general, Revival Audio warranties its speakers against defects in materials, technical components or workmanship by the current National Legal Warranty standard in the given country, from the original date of purchase by the (first) customer from an authorised Revival Audio dealer.

  • Passive ComponentsDefective components (i.e. tweeter, mid-woofer, midrange, woofer, subwoofer, crossover) will carry ten (10) years’ s warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner.
  • Active ComponentsDefective active electronic parts (i.e. amplifier board, mainboard) will carry a three (3) year warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner.
  • Cabinets, Cosmetic PartsUpon the receipt of the products, if there is any obvious defective part on the cabinets, and/or cosmetic parts, the owner should report immediately to the authorised dealer with photos and description. Under such cases, Revival Audio will carry the replacement or exchange of the defective parts, or a solution proposal for mutual agreement.

Extended Warranty 

An Extended Warranty is granted only if registering the product on https://revivalaudio.fr/support/product-registration/ within 90 days from the date of purchase, and it will apply to:

Passive Components

Defective components (i.e. tweeter, mid-woofer, midrange, woofer, subwoofer, crossover) will carry Twelve (12) years’ s warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner.

Warranty Limitations

The Warranty, including the Extended Warranty, is transferrable from the original owner as long as a copy of the original purchase invoice and a copy of the registration certificate is provided to support and validate any warranty claim.

The Warranty does not cover mechanical or accidental damage, loss, electrical overload, abuse, negligence, unauthorised tampering, modification or misuse. Products without valid Revival Audioserial numbers shall not be covered by any warranty (i.e. stands, wall mounts, adapter plates and such).

Warranty is only available for products that are sold by authorised dealers. The Warranty for any product sold by parties not authorised by Revival Audio may be voided or limited to the legal minimum warranty period of the territory.

The Warranty for any product sold and/or provided to a Business-to-business (B2B) client is voided and only limited to the legal minimum warranty period of the territory.

Warranty is always linked to the country of purchase and is therefore only valid in the country of original distribution and purchase. In general, defects under warranty shall be addressed by repair. The repair may be carried out either by the dealer or the national distributor.

Revival Audio may decide to exchange the defective speaker with a comparable product if repair is not possible or economically feasible.

Revival Audio may also decide to refund the purchase price of the product.

Any repair and replacement response time may vary from country to country and is, among other things, subject to the availability of parts and transport.

Warranty is void if the label bearing the serial number has been removed or defaced.

Warranty is void if the damage is caused by lightning, water, fire heat, war, public disturbances or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Revival Audio and its appointed distributors.

Local taxes or additional charges may apply in some countries during the Extended Warranty term; check with your local Revival Audio distributor. Warranty Responsibility Any warranty claim has to be communicated to and initiated by an authorised Revival Audio dealer. Both distributor and dealer are requested to handle the warranty with respect to the warranty guidelines outlined by Revival Audio.

In most instances, the dealer will address the issue or arrange the repair through the Revival Audio distributor in the territory.

General conditions In all instances, Revival Audio’s liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid for the product.

The Warranty stated herein is the sole and exclusive remedy, and Revival Audio’s performance shall constitute full and final satisfaction of all obligations, liabilities, and claims concerning the product.

In any event, Revival Audio shall not be liable for special, incidental, consequential, indirect damages, economic, property, bodily injury, and/or personal injury damages arising from the product, any breach of this Warranty or otherwise.