First-Ever In Hi-End
Feel The Dynamics And Precise Punches!

BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) drivers are definitely a Revival Audio unique and iconic (visually too) technology.

Basalt is extracted from lava stone which has never been used in Hi-End audio, with similar characteristics as glass fibre but better Young modulus.
It is also an eco-sustainable material.

The Sandwich construction consists of a specific felt applied the back of the membrane and a specialized damping glue which results in the best-possible damping.

With BSC drivers, the lightweight and rigidity with great damping provide a fast and smooth response with tight and clear dynamics.


From Lava Stone, to the Best Drivers

Basalt is mainly found on cooled-down lava or magma flow, which is a dark grey coloured so-called igneous stone and found in huge quantities all over the world.

Transformed basalt fibres has interesting properties which makes it suitable for the use in loudspeaker diaphragm.
Its Young modulus is also significantly stronger than glass fibre, and much stronger than Kevlar.
We thus use it also for its sustainability, as it’s a non petrol-based material.

Revival Audio cones are impregnated Basalt fibre fabrics, with a rather thick layer of glue at their back and covered with a layer of felt from special-made fibre, which constitutes a stiff but well damped cone, with a high sound velocity within the membrane.

Revival Audio BSC 7W


The speed of stiffness

Basalt is unique in the world of high-end audio and has never been used before.

It is extracted from lava stone, which exists naturally in abundance on earth, and doesn’t need to be produced from petrol: It is recyclable, and thus eco-friendly.

In order to get the right damping within the membrane, we build the cone as a sandwich, made from a Basalt fibre fabric as the top layer,
a polymer glue and a felt in the middle; and a specially customized foam-based cone as the bottom layer.

As a result we get a membrane which is stiff, light, well damped and with a good speed of sound propagation.


Optimised for best results

We made the most vented basket possible in order to maximise the open design benefits, simple is that!


Extra Large!

The large ferrite offers a high magnet force, similar to smaller neodymium magnets, but for a significantly lower price (which helps us achieve a more attractive retail price).  It is also more eco-friendly using ferrite magnets.

For example, a comfortable efficiency of 91dB is reached with the BSC woofers. Also, the large mass of ferrite and the metal part absorbs more heat from the voice coil and helps for better cooling.

Studio Fotosession 449 web scaled