The best in Hi-End community

From day 1 of Revival Audio, we had the ambition not only to build products and technologies at the Next-Level, but to form a best in Hi-End community.  

Our listeners are at the centre of Revival Audio.
As a brand, we want to be a trustworthy accompany along your listening journey.  We share, smile, learn from each other, and shape your story with Revival Audio products. 

For this purpose, we design the Revival Audio Community, which consists of  The House of Revival Audio, and the Ambassador Club.


It is totally FREE to join the House of Revival Audio. We would send you some latest information so you know what’s HOT at this moment.   No worry, we won’t send annoying hard-push promotion messages. Join-Us here.

You may also follow our Facebook & Instagram, for the latest updates.

Once you become the owner of Revival Audio product(s), and register your product(s), you are in the Ambassador Club. 

  • Extended warranty period to 12-Year
  • Chances to get brand gifts (only Revival Audio offers)
  • Exclusive events invitation*
  • New products pre-launch and demo events*
  • And more…

*event based club benefits are location based, mainly referring to France.


How can I join the House of Revival Audio?

It’s totally Free, simply Sign-up and you are in.

Is my personal information protected? Can I delete my account if I no longer need it?

Your personal information is strictly protected and will be only used for the scope described in our Privacy Policy
You can delete your account at any time.